The minimum Monthly Maintenance Package starts from $450 a month, which is the equivalent of 45 updates every month.
Unused updates will not be rolled over to the next month.
You will have to provide the text and contents in soft-copy / digital format. If typing is required, a minimum of $15 will be required. Copywriting/Translation requires additional costing.
Addition of programming are not included though if it's not too complex, we will be happy to do it, and advise you of the number of updates it will take up for the task.
Modification of programming are included though we need to look at the structure and nature of the programming to ensure that we will be able to do it. Thereafter, we will advise you of the number of updates it will take up for the task.
Modifying of your images are included- We will adjust the image so that it is the correct dimensions, it's brightness, and then optimise it for faster loading and make sure it fits standard web usage.
As this Monthly Maintenance is for your website, not including designing, creative work of any sorts will require additional costs as the efforts and time needed to do the creative work are much more than the standard tasks mentioned above.
Your update expires 72 hours after our first email to inform you about the updated work, i.e. to show you the work we've completed based on your instructions. From then on, you will have 72 hours to ensure that the changes done are fine, final, and no more extra changes will be made to what you've requested. If the 72 hours deadline has passed and you require more changes to be done to the same page, there will be another minimum 1 update costing to you.

For e.g., we send you an email at 10am Monday informing you that we've completed the updating of your instruction. You can then go through the changes, and inform us if there are additional changes for that same page. Once we reach Wednesday 10am, the update will be deemed used up and expired.

Updating your website can be easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply give us your instructions via our Superior Support System (Link and login credentials will be provided once you are confirmed as our client), and we will update your website for you!