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www.MyWebsite.com.sg is developed as an online store for your website where you can purchase web solutions to increase sales, enhance your website such as to make it more lively, more dynamic, more user-friendly, and increase its marketability. You can also make purchases for Maintanance Credits, which will be more affordable and faster for changes to be made to your website.

"My Website" sounds like it's mine, my website, but it's exactly the opposite- it's about your website.

When you want to tell your prospects about your website, how would you say it? It should be something like, "Please visit my website to have a look at more promotions, more information" etc.

And when you need to update your website, what is the exact sentence that came to your mind? We wouldn't know, but we do know what one of our longest-serving customers, Josephine from Nail Spa, thought- She said she was thinking, "Christmas is coming soon and I need to update my website, but as she happened to have changed her mobile number just a while ago, she lost all contacts and had to scramble through her name cards and emails for our contact. She finally got it, albeit after 1 month. She casually mentioned that she could only vaguely remember us, but couldn't remember the exact details, hence she took quite some time to finally manage to contact us.

That was quite some years ago and the whole episode back then gave us the idea that we should use this very-memorable-domain-name, www.MyWebsite.com.sg

So this is how the name came about, and a perfect example of what we have been preaching- Getting good domain names can only help your business!

Founded in 2004, we have developed different kinds of websites for different types of industries, which built up our expertise in website development and website maintenance. From a simple static website to a more complex one, i.e. one that requires a database, one that you can manage your clients, or even one that will help you run an online shopping store, we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to assist you.

All of us are technically-inclined Web Developers who are more than capable to handle all of your website needs and queries. We do not have a single sales staff, do not outsource our work, do not outsource technical support, and we do not engage freelancers. Thus, you will be corresponding directly with Web Developers who are managing your website, who will be able to answer your technical queries expertly, and not just tell you that you have to email in your technical queries- which is a clear sign of work being outsourced to other countries- This is because we are capable of giving you an answer immedately for almost all of your technical queries. Feel free to let us know if we can assist you regarding your website!

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