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Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw

Price: $380.00

You should know:

Make them want to win: Lucky Draw/Contest Promotions with your customers

People love surprises, winning, and lucky draws. Use this unique Web Solutions to improve your marketing to your customers by promoting contests Lucky Draws/Contest!

Furthermore, Lucky Draws/Contest have deadlines. If a time-sensitive promotions gets them to close the sale faster, then the sale can be made easily.

In addition, the "fun element" of Lucky Draws/Contests make them feel more positive, and makes your product and services more fun to interact with. This fun element will also be a decisive factor in making the sale!

Finally, you can also gain information of prospects who are not (yet) your customers, and follow up with them for sales!

i. Fun element induce buying impulse.
ii. Make buying from you easy, fun, and impulsive!
iii. Each Lucky Draws/Contest is only a one-time charge and they are usable for the next Lucky Draws/Contest, with low maintenance fees.


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