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LIVE Chat System

LIVE Chat System

Price: $250.00

You should know:

i. Help your prospects make that final "push" towards buying from you.
ii. Gain TRUST as it gives the impression that they are dealing with a real business!
iii. More efficient than replying to emails as conversation flows two way at the same time!
iv. Helps to save time and cut down on labour costs when compared to handling phone calls.
v. One-time programming charge, no setup fees, no maintenance fees.

A Live Chat programming on your website helps prospects on your website to make up their mind faster. If they happen to need that final "push" and/or just need one more reason to buy from you, it has to be the Live Chat because they will know that they can chat with someone about an item easily, and/or to gain support about their purchase. Comparing to your competitors who do not provide such a service, it's easier for your prospects to buy from you instead. This Live Chat programming can mean the difference between your prospects buying from you or leaving to another website.

* You will be able to claim back 60% of the cost via the PIC Grant.

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