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Appointment System

Appointment System

Price: $3,500.00

You should know:

3 quick steps are all it takes for your customers to book an appointment via your Online Appointment System:

1. Decide on date
2. Decide on time (down to the minutes!)
3. Provide their contact details and click submit.

You can also block off certain dates if they are fully booked, booked for a function, or for public holidays. After appointment has been made, your customers will receive an email notification about the details of his appointment, and you, the admin, will receive an email notification that someone has just made a appointment. You can then log in to the system and approve, reject, or delete the appointment made. The admin will also show you the appointments still waiting for your approvals, and also upcoming appointments as a reminder.


Set up a Login System to only allow your real customers, i.e. those with login credentials provided by you, to use your system.

This is also good for in-house usage whereby you can bring the laptop or iPad, yes! iPad! to your customer at your shop, and provide the convenience of appointment an appointment for the next visit! After submitting the appointment, it will be synchronised with the backend system automatically so that if another staff / customer were to make an appointment the next second onwards, they will see that the slot has been booked, and thus will not be able to book that particular slot.

* You will be able to claim back 60% of the cost via the PIC Grant.



- Just 3 steps to book an appointment!
- Block off certain dates.
- Email notifications to customers and admin after appointment completed.
- Approve, reject, or delete the appointment.
- Multi-Platform- Desktop computers, laptops, mobile tablets, mobile phones! Your customers will be able to make an appointment using any of the above, and you will be able to manage your appointments the same ways too!

Don't be deceived by our video sample's simple-looking interface. We can enhance the look easily, but we want you to pay more attention to it's power, it's flexibility, which just send you an email, or they can be more complex, only granting permission to those with login credentials, or allowing you to manage and edit appointments using your own admin access, and many more. This system is so flexible that if you can give us more ideas, we should be able to handle it.

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