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Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing

Price: $2,200.00

You should know:

An online forum works like a message board, is divided into categories or topics, and where members of the forums can publish "posts" and reply to "posts" from other members. Adding a forum to your website is a unique way of marketing your expertise, service, and products, as well as to cultivate loyalty among members.

Forum marketing is done by using your expertise and experience to answer questions that other members of the forums, mainly public members who are online in search of answers for their queries, have. The goal is to build up your online reputation, establish trust, expertise, so that they will start looking up to you and buy your words.

Automated. Your users can register accounts themselves and initiate password recovery.
You are the expert who will answer the questions posed on your forum.
Some expert users of your products/services may also chip in their knowledge and experience by sharing their experiences and how-to.
Announce new products/services and gain registrations via your own forum.
Organise events, promotions, roadshows and invite your forum's users.
Monetise your forums once it gains popularity by either selling advertisement space or eventually, the forum itself!
Let your customers interact with your sales, support, or even product specialist.
Create unlimited topics.
Know who are your customers (Registration is needed to participate in the forum)
Gather feedback via Forum's discussions.
Your product specialists can post useful information about your company's products &/or services, ask questions, post questions, and even advise your customers on how to use certain products &/or services, share tips, and so on.

* You will be able to claim back 60% of the cost via the PIC Grant.


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