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SMS Subscription

SMS Subscription

Price: $225.00
SMS Subscription Form Types:   

You should know:

How can this Web Solution do more for your website?

- Inform your customers about your new promotions, events, services, products, etc via SMS. These are the ones who opted to be informed via SMS. It means that they will be more receptive when they read your marketing offers via SMS compared to other means, such as emails.

- Do-Not-Call Registry will not call you (pun intended). You will not get into trouble with them as your prospects and customers had opt-in themselves Most importantly, they have given you the permission to do so, thus, you are safe within the law and will not get complains.

- Genuine is the key thing here as these are the people who opted to be notified, and thus, they will be interested to know, and therefore have a much higher success rate when you sell them your services and products.

- Flexibility is the freedom to place the opt-in mailing form anywhere on your website- On your home page, promotions page, or contact page.

- Selling to these people who opted to be notified will definitely reap a much higher success rate.

- Build a SMS notification list that has quality, not quantity. People who opt in to your SMS notification list are quality leads, and therefore have a much higher success rate when you sell them your services and products.

- Start now, and not wait till you need to send.

Every Business' Problem

The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry lets everyone opt out of marketing messages sent to them, but which they are not interested in, in the form of voice calls, text or fax messages. However, they may still be interested in the services, products, and promotions by your company.

To do that, according to the "Personal Data Protection Act", they will have to "… give your company a clear and unambiguous consent in written or other accessible form".


here's the question: How many of your clients will do that on their own accord?

The Solution:

Take your own initiative and be more pro-active by directing them to your online subscription form, sending them the form to opt-in, as well as to place the form on your website for anyone who might be interested in the services, products, and promotions by your company. You can also paste the URL to your social media. If your social media is managed by us, it will be updated in our weekly updates for you.

Managing your Form

There are 2 methods to manage the opt-in process and system:
i. Manually
ii. Using our automated database.

Features Automated database * Manually
How you will receive updates Sent to database automatically Via email (only)
Updating of Status, i.e. Opt-in /Opt-out Database updates automatically By you
Real-Time Update You need to update manually
Searching for a particular subscriber Search all your emails manually
Do more with subscribers' data
Enhance subscribers' list functions
* You will be able to claim back 60% of the cost via the PIC Grant.

i. Manually
You will receive an email each time there is an opt-in / opt-out, and you will have to manually manage your list by changing the status from opt-in / opt-out each time there is a change.

ii. Using a database system
Conversely, you can make use of a database so that the opt-in / opt-out process can be managed automatically by the system.
When clients opt-in / opt-out, the system will automatically change the status so that you will always be able to see the latest status of each and every subscriber, i.e. your prospects, customers, whenever you log in to the system.

It will also be a very useful evidence in case there is wrongful complaint lodged against your company.

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