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eLeave Management

eLeave Management

Price: $3,500.00

You should know:

Leave management plays an important role in all successful business because it allows you to plan for your manpower needs. The management of it, ironically, is most often tedious, time-consuming, and cluttered, due to the amount of paper work needed.

Our eLeave Management System will be able to solve the problems associated with the traditional way of managing it. Here's a summary of general benefits it will bring to your business:

Save on manpower costs since the system is DIY and AUTOMATED- Your HR team can be freed to do other stuff.
Real Time update= Everything is updated on the fly- INSTANTLY!
Convenience means Login from anywhere, anytime, to view, approve, or to reject the leave application.
A one-glance full details leave management page allows your HR team to make informed, and accountable decisions.
Filter your search by employees, type of leave, date from, date to, and the status of the leave application.
Set different managing permissions for different managers, supervisors.
Leave can be applied for Full-Day or Half-Day (1st half or 2nd half).
Automated email notifications will be sent to the relevant parties when a leave is applied, approved, or rejected.
Secured transactions as everyone will have their own login credentials.
Export as CSV for backups.

* You will be able to claim back 60% of the cost via the PIC Grant.


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