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You should know:

QR codes is used as a marketing tool used by businesses to connect with customers and prospects by offering one more way to increase the exposure of their products and services. In Singapore today, almost everyone is using a smart phone, which they can use to scan the QR Codes. Here are some ideas on how your customers and prospects can use a QR Code:
- Tips
- Email you direct
- SMS you
- Be directed to the Online Forms on your website
- Fill up a registration form
- Guides
- Special promotions
- Discount code
- Free gift
- Check product info (esp those products that are complex, have specs etc)
- Participate in promotions, lucky draws
- Watch video (for promotions, for loved ones)
- Listen to audio (for promotions, for loved ones)
- FB Events
- FB Promotions
- Add themselves to your mailing list
- On your products
- Many much more!

We will help you to customise a unique QR Code that is specially used for only your business, and you will be able to use it on your website, name cards, brochures, print it out and paste it at your shop, etc. Watch the video above to get an idea of how broad this can help to market your business!


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