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Payment Page

Payment Page

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How can this Web Solution do more for your website?

- GET PAID NOW With a payment page, you will be able to collect payment from your customers immediately. This is especially vital if you are in a business that requires pre-payment before you can commence work.

- Flexibility You can set any amount you wish, e.g. You can set a minimum amount as a deposit for your services, products, reservations, etc.

- Save time and energy replying the same answers, over and over again. How do I pay? What are the mode of payment available? This page will be able to save you the time and energy needed for other more vital business operations.

- Multiple payment methods Your customers can opt to pay via their Paypal account, any credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers, if you allow.

- Promotions is something unique to the world out there as most businesses merely state their payment methods. How about enticing customers to pay now so that you can receive your payment immediately (Read: Deal closed!) by giving them a special discount if they were to pay by e.g. Bank transfer, or offer something, like a small gift, if they were to pay by 8pm today.

- Start now, and not wait till you need it. Once you start now, you can start promoting this DIY payment service to your customers so that you can receive your payment faster! Remember: The longer they take to pay you, the higher the possibility that they might change their mind!

Every Business' Problem

Not everyone need to have those fanciful online payment gateways on their website when the monthly cost is several hundreds dollars. Especially if you don't even know if most of your customers are willing to pay online.


without it, the deal is not confirmed. This simply means that the customer can walk away from the deal any time as he has nothing to lose.

The Solution:

To prevent this kind of scenarios from happening, most business owners will ask for a deposit. However, it can be a hassle without an expensive online payment gateway.

What we will do for you is to create a payment page on your website, and add some programming to it so that your customers will be able to make payment to you.

You can also paste the this page's URL to your social media. If your social media is managed by us, it will be updated in our weekly updates for you.

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