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Public Holiday Operating Hours

Public Holiday Operating Hours

Price: $88.00

How can this Web Solution do more for your website?

- Quick answers to quick questions: Will I be able to visit your shop / office on the coming holiday?

- Save time and energy replying the same answers, over and over again. Your business may still run on certain holidays, but not on others. Or you may have different (shorter) working hours for some. The best thing to do is to display them on your home page prominently.

- Add a holiday greetings- You can and should, wish your website visitors a happy holiday with a quick message. Who doesn't like to be at the receiving end of a piece of good news? (Read: No need to work)

- Holidays are when most people spend their money as they do not need to work, as well as a means of relaxing! Think retail therapy. However, unless you are a pure online store, chances are that they will be wondering if your business will be operating on that day, as well as the operating hours.

- Promotions is something unique to the world out there as most businesses merely state their operating hours. How about creating an exclusive promotion for that particular holiday, and letting your website visitors know about it via this page? It's killing 2 birds with just a stone!

- Start now, and not wait till the holiday is tomorrow.

Every Business' Problem

Is your office / shop open on the coming holiday? From what time to what time ah? (Singlish intended)

You get the idea. The above are commonly asked questions before many holidays, and which can be easily solved by adding a page to answer it.


many business owners did not know that they can actually get this resolved easily by adding a page dedicated to it.

The Solution:

Let us add a page on your website dedicated to all holidays. This page will not only carry the operating hours, it can also carry a well-wishing holiday message to your website visitors. In addition, you can reuse this page for each holiday- We simply replace the text and images (if any). As this change is simple and straight forward, the maintenance charge is also lower!

You can also paste the this page's URL to your social media. If your social media is managed by us, it will be updated in our weekly updates for you.

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